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Salt Lake City Child Custody Modification Lawyers

Divorce Decree Modification Attorneys

Your needs may change over time, and those changes may require assistance from a lawyer. If you need modifications to a divorce decree, it is critical you work with a lawyer who is experienced and very knowledgeable of the law.

With two decades of experience, the attorneys at The Pace Law Firm, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, are understanding, hardworking and attentive toward their clients. We are located in Salt Lake City, and provide assistance throughout the entire Salt Lake area and throughout Utah.

Advocating for You and Looking Out for Your Best Interests

As with every client, we make sure we take time to understand your situation, so we can fully address your needs and determine what modifications ought to be made. Our job is to help you navigate through the legal system, so your situation can be solved as swiftly as possible.

It is highly important that you seek legal advice before attempting to change a decree. An attorney can inform you if there are grounds for a change and can advise you on a strategy to take. Trying to make changes on your own may result in a significant amount of court fees as well as the requirement to pay the other party’s attorneys fees.

Utah Child Custody and Child Support Modifications

Unexpected life changes might require you to take action regarding your child custody or child support plans. The lawyers at our Cottonwood Heights firm can provide knowledgeable legal advice to help you make a smart decision. Modifications are often complicated, but we are here to interpret the law and make certain we look out for your best interest.

Final judgments are calculated to include the expectation of an increase or decrease of income, the possibility of a spouse remarrying, and other factors so that the likelihood for change is small. However, child support can be modified every three years if there is a significant change in income from one parent. Also, as children get older, visitation and parenting time plans can be modified if the child requests it and if it is in his or her best interest.

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