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Call Today for Your Complimentary Consultation

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Expanding your family through adoption is a very rewarding yet complicated process. Moving through a complex legal procedure can be stressful, and you likely want to work with a lawyer who is kind, understanding and will look out for your family’s best interests.

At The Pace Law Firm, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we assist families in Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding areas with adoption law matters. We provide highly attentive and knowledgeable services for our clients because we value their family’s happiness and well-being.

Our attorneys in Cottonwood Heights take the time to listen to your concerns to make sure we have a full understanding of your situation. When we fully understand your circumstances, we can provide the best legal services to meet your needs.

Advocating for Children’s Best Interest

Adoptions laws are complex, and the adoption process involves many steps and procedures. Because this process is complex, working with an experienced attorney at our firm can help achieve the best possible results. We are very knowledgeable of the adoption laws and processes and will help you complete the path — every step of the way.

We handle a wide range of adoption cases, including:

  • Stepparent adoptions
  • Extended family adoptions
  • Paternity and adoptions

Adoption is a lifetime commitment, and we are here to advocate for the child’s best interest and make this process as seamless as possible. We will shoulder the burden of any complications so that you can focus on creating a lasting bond with your child within your family. Our job is to provide legal assistance to ensure that your family’s future is protected and secured.  We can make this happen for you.

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The Pace Law Firm, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, can be your team to achieve the best results for you and your family. Please contact us today at 866-780-9641 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.